See Bali the Right Way

I can't thank Wayan and Ketut enough for the excellent experience. This is not just a bike tour. This great little operation will take you through villages you would not otherwise see on your trip to Bali, to one of the best (and largely secret) beaches, and have you sampling authentic and delicious local food at the family compound. One of the great things about this family owned and operated business is their cooperative efforts with the villages they cycle through to keep the roadways clean - their bike transport vehicle doubles as a free recycling and waste pickup service. These guys are so connected with these villages we were allowed to pop into compounds and sample fruit straight from the trees on a few farms along the way. In addition to all of this, Wayan snapped a bunch of pictures en route and sent them to us afterwards. This is serious attention to detail when it comes to service. I highly recommend Sepeda to travelers on a short visit who want to get a real taste of local Bali and to long-stay visitors looking for a fun new experience.

Visited May 2014

Joel M
New York

Source: TripAdvisor