Perfect way to see a part of Bali

My husband and I had a GREAT time on this bike tour last month, it's one of the best things we experienced during our time in Bali. They're one of the smaller bike tour operators in Ubud and don't have flyers at the tour desks you see around town, but we found an ad for them on a local tourist map.

Wayan, his brother Ketut, and their entire family offer highly personalised service, and for this reason, they tend to keep their groups small - it was only the 2 of us and Wayan on the day we went. On the drive up to the biking start point, we stopped at a rice terrace just outside of Ubud and a viewpoint for Mount Agung & Mount Batur (STUNNING scenery). During the drive and stops, Wayan chatted with us about local history, customs and the recycling problem he's working on. Anyone who visits Bali during the rainy season will notice the immense garbage problem they have on the island - consisting mostly of plastic items (bags, bottles, etc). Wayan's recycling program is grassroots and they're working hard at educating people and cleaning up local areas. A portion of the profits from the tour operation support the recycling program, which we thought was great.


Once we got to the cycling start point, my husband was very impressed with the gear (he's an avid mountain biker). Everything was provided - helmet, gloves, water & even bug spray. We headed off down the hill and Wayan made sure that we were comfortable and encouraged us to go at our own pace (SLOW in my case haha). He also took pictures and wore a GoPro camera for the ride so we could have a copy of the footage at the end.

As I had never been mountain biking before, I found the first part of the trail (a dry river bed) pretty challenging but my husband found it great fun. I just took my time and made it through though. That said, I think you need to be relatively fit for the ride we took as there is a big hill you have to climb at one point (just walking up the hill was challenging!). However once you get to the top, it's a smooth ride down on paved surfaces through small towns and some rice fields. We loved how local kids ran out of their houses to wave and say hello to us! We also stopped at a local family farm to sample some fruit and drink some fresh coconut water.

The ride ended with lunch at Ketut & his family's home. There was an amazing spread of dishes, cooked by Ketut's wife. Everything was delicious and we were stuffed afterwards. That's when we headed off to a beach in Padangbai.. and wow, what a nice beach! Having only seen the beaches in Kuta (covered in garbage), we were relieved to see this white sand beach free of trash with blue waters. What a perfect way to end the tour!

We can't recommend Sepeda Bali enough - Wayan and his family are highly personable and we won't forget the day we spent with them for a long while.
Visited January 2015

Toronto, Canada

Source: TripAdvisor