Amazing day tour around Ubud!

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to step away from the crowds and hustles of the local tourism. Wayan will make the day tour special based on what travelers have already seen and experienced or would like to see. He started the day with amazing views and several unique stops during the car ride up. Once you start biking, the locals only type tour continues. We were regularly stopping and picking fresh fruits to enjoy and learn about what Bali truly is. Our midpoint was a stop to drink and eat fresh coconut and try snake fruit! The end of the cycling tour concluded with an amazing Indo meal at wayan and Ketuts family compound. Once we were all well fed, the day continued with a trip to a small hidden beach. There was a small hut serving cold beer and the water was beautiful and blue. Much cleaner than the beaches in kuta/seminyak area. Truly an amazing day tour. Plus they use a portion of your cost to clean up Bali, which makes your money feel like it also goes for a good local cause,

Visited September 2015

Denver, Colorado

Source: TripAdvisor