Excellent Bike Day!!

This is the second Bike tour I have done with Wayan and Ketut, the first in October 2014 whilst visiting my sister, who was living in Bali, together with her husband, 3yr and 6yr old and our Mother (in her 70’s) – Wayan was excellent in assessing everyone’s ability and no one felt out of their comfort zone! A vehicle followed incase anyone needed a rest. The second was with my husband this September – we managed to cover 32k mostly off road, through jungle, villages, fields of rice, peanuts. We visited a fruit farm sampling guava, mandarins, snake fruit, and mangosteen’s straight off the trees. We stopped at a local family house for freshly picked young coconut water, watched a worker preparing the initial cuttings of bamboo used for the chimes you see in the markets and loads more…. A wonderful lunch was provided by Wayan and Ketut’s family which was followed by a visit to a beach and a play in the massive waves. A very nice touch is the video footage Wayan gives you at the end of the day as an amazing memory. (Take a memory stick). I thoroughly recommend this tour - you won’t be disappointed. I had two amazing days which gave me a real Bali experience.

Visited September 2015

Clare R
Solihull, United Kingdom

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Amazing day!!!

Such an epic day! I highly recommend this tour! I learnt so much about Bali, it's culture, traditions and the land. It was the perfect mix of adventure, discovery, fun and delicious food and drinks! The guys are so lovely and their family were so hospitable. We had the best day!
Visited April 2015


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Amazing day tour around Ubud!

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to step away from the crowds and hustles of the local tourism. Wayan will make the day tour special based on what travelers have already seen and experienced or would like to see. He started the day with amazing views and several unique stops during the car ride up. Once you start biking, the locals only type tour continues. We were regularly stopping and picking fresh fruits to enjoy and learn about what Bali truly is. Our midpoint was a stop to drink and eat fresh coconut and try snake fruit! The end of the cycling tour concluded with an amazing Indo meal at wayan and Ketuts family compound. Once we were all well fed, the day continued with a trip to a small hidden beach. There was a small hut serving cold beer and the water was beautiful and blue. Much cleaner than the beaches in kuta/seminyak area. Truly an amazing day tour. Plus they use a portion of your cost to clean up Bali, which makes your money feel like it also goes for a good local cause,

Visited September 2015

Denver, Colorado

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Amazing cycle trip - a must do in Bali

Great day out with Wayan and Ketut. They picked me up from my hotel over an hour away. There were only two of us on the trip so we got a very personalised tour. The biking was fun and a little bit challenging in parts, but the vast majority was down hill. Wayan records everything (included in the price) so you have a great reminder of the day. Were taken through back roads and paths through the countryside, stopped off to see the recycling and education programs the brothers are involved in and ended the day having a meal at their family home. I expected as there was just two of us (they take up to 10) that we would probably just have a plate of food. No, Ketut's wife still put on a whole buffet of absolutely delicious food, the best meal I had whilst in Bali, no doubt.
This is a great trip and shouldn't be missed!
Visited March 2015

London, United Kingdom

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Awesome cycle trip!

This is not just an ordinary bike tour! Wayan and Ketuk will take you far away of the beaten track.They will show you the real Bali; a great mix of nature, culture and small authentic villages. Not only the tour is very professional, their equipment is well maintained and in excelent condition. After the tour you get a extremely tasty Balinese buffet in their home compound. I highly recommend this amazing day trip! You will get an excellent value for your money!
Visited September 2015

Valentino V
Roeselare, Belgium

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The BEST mountain bike tour in Bali

I have been travelling almost non stop the last 15 years and this is by far one of the best tours I have been on. It's fun, educating, great guides, really good value for money and well organised.
Wayan, Ketut and their family are really lovely people, and it was so nice to be welcomed into their home, and on top having some of the best food I have had in Bali so far. The bikes are really well maintained and apparently (first comment from my bike entusiasts friends) really professional ones.
The tour goes through forest, thrilling off roading, villages, past rice fileds and all in all just a perfect way to see a different side of Bali.
I love the fact that they are so aware of the waste plastic problem, and they are active in educating kids and the community about it.
Next time I come back i'll go for the more adavanced tour and I cant wait. I would and have already recommended this tour to everyone. If you want to do something active while in Bali this is the tour and company to choose...no doubt about it:)

Visited March 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark

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I would love to do it again!

I live here in Bali, so I have had a lot of tours already but I have to say that this Cycling tour was the best of all. The tour guides are twins, very nice brothers with good energy... The reason why it had such a big effect on me, is that you have the chance to see the real life of Balinese people and the real nature. We went through Bamboo forests, tiny little villages which were so clean a neat, and the local people were all smiling, the kids were all shouting saying "hello, hello"... We stopped at some places where people grow local fruits, and at the end of the tour we arrived to the home of the twins. We had been served a lunch made with love, mango juice, beer, and several special dishes like mushroom sate and black been in banana leaves. They could open a restaurant! The whole tour was professional, I highly recommend to anyone visiting Bali!
Visited September 2015

Zita T

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The twins are awesome and really treat you like one of the family! We did the Kampung Bali Adventure which was great for myself who hasn't done much mountain biking before. It's mostly all down hill but gives you the ability to get acquainted on the bike and comfortable. The food at their family compound was wonderful! I highly recommend any tour with these two :) I even booked another tour in a couple of days!
Visited March 2015

Samantha N

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A highlight of our Indonesia trip

The trip was very beautiful, over backroads you can't find yourself. Challenging sometimes, but the guides are patient and adapt to your experience level. It was very interesting to learn about all the agriculture on Bali while biking through it and eating all those nice drinks and food. Ketut and his family was very friendly and hospitable. In contrast to other full day trips, this one more than fills the whole day with a magnificent collection of active and relaxing activities!
Visited July 2015

Roel H

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Awesome guides, incredible experience!

Super high quality bikes with suspensions. Plus Wayan is a great listener who customizes the biking tour based on your skill and comfort level. It was a tremendous way to see Ubud and learn about the culture. As an added bonus, Wayan made a video of the entire trip and was nice enough to transfer the file directly to my computer. The end of the ride features a delicious, authentic Balinese lunch on the family compound. By the time you are finished, you feel like you've had the perfect blend of culture, exercise, food, and experience. Terima Kasih!
Visited February 2015

Los Angeles, California

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Great full day trip

A great way to see a part of Bali outside of Ubud. For people unused to riding mountain bikes on downhill trails, the first part is a little difficult, but the guides are patient, so don't be afraid to get off and walk the bike when unnerved. Nice stops during the tour, with drinks included in the price. Wonderful lunch in a Bali family home. Afterwards, a drive to a beautiful beach for a refreshing swim. Picked up at 8 am, started riding between 9:30 and 10:00, lunch around 2:00, beach around 4:00, home around 6:00 pm, so a full day out!
Visited June 2015

Jay B
Macau, China

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Perfect way to see a part of Bali

My husband and I had a GREAT time on this bike tour last month, it's one of the best things we experienced during our time in Bali. They're one of the smaller bike tour operators in Ubud and don't have flyers at the tour desks you see around town, but we found an ad for them on a local tourist map.

Wayan, his brother Ketut, and their entire family offer highly personalised service, and for this reason, they tend to keep their groups small - it was only the 2 of us and Wayan on the day we went. On the drive up to the biking start point, we stopped at a rice terrace just outside of Ubud and a viewpoint for Mount Agung & Mount Batur (STUNNING scenery). During the drive and stops, Wayan chatted with us about local history, customs and the recycling problem he's working on. Anyone who visits Bali during the rainy season will notice the immense garbage problem they have on the island - consisting mostly of plastic items (bags, bottles, etc). Wayan's recycling program is grassroots and they're working hard at educating people and cleaning up local areas. A portion of the profits from the tour operation support the recycling program, which we thought was great.

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